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New Communication Software launched for Parents. 

The software is aimed at keeping Parents fully informed 
about current issues at Ridge Park College, e.g. if school 
is closing early, parents need this information urgently to 
make transport arrangements for their children.

The software is called. School Notice Board. It works on all 
smart phones: Black Berry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile
and new Nokia Lumia phones.

1. Go to the store of the respective phone, e.g. Android is 
   Google Play Store, and search for School Notice Board
2. Download the app and install it.
3. Once installed, go to the +(plus) sign at the top right 
   hand corner of the screen and click it to add a school
   and grade.
4. Search for your school and the grade in which your child 
   is, e.g. Ridge Park 8AL . When it appears, click it.
5. It will require a password. Our password is 5422.
6. You are then connected, and will receive message
   from the school.
7. If you have children in other grades repeat the process
   for the new grade, you can add as many grades a you

Let us know how it works by emailing us at
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