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Ridge Park College
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History of the school

The original school was Windermere Girls High at Greyville Race Course. In 1969 the standard 6 were moved to the present site on Ridge Road which at the time was the Berea nursing home. The standard 6 did not move into the nursing home but into prefab classrooms where the present tennis courts and volleyball courts are two years ago.

in 1970 the whole school moved to the present site. The top hockey fields was for prefab classrooms. The nursing home was used for the school, and the operating theatre was the staffroom. while the teaching was going on in the prefab buildings, the teachers watched the new school (BEREA GIRLS HIGH) being built.

It was designed and built in 1972 by IAN POOLE.

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Ridge Park College was selected  for the eighth consecutive year as a member of the Circle of Excellence of top 100 schools in South Africa

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